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$NFT Burnt Log
  • NEW NFT horse

    Use $TRX to purchase horses to participate in horse racing.

  • NEW NFT horse

    Consume $NFT and $WIN to breed baby horses.

  • NEW NFT horse

    Earn $TRX by trading horses on the marketplace.

WIN NFT HORSE is a horse racing game based on the TRON blockchain that has redefined the horse racing industry. Unlike many other Gamefi product, WIN NFT HORSE is designed to allow all players to earn money from the game, without gaining anything themselves
The gameplay of WIN NFT HORSE is very rich,with four types of tournaments: Challenge, Match, Competition, and Invitational. Each player who actively participates in  will be rewarded with generous tokens
  • breed

    Each player can use two horses to breed baby horses. The higher the pedigree of stallions, the higher the pedigree of baby horses.

  • match

    All the players who own horses can win generous token rewards through participating the competition.

  • trade

    Players can use $TRX to trade horses in the marketplace, the price of the horses will be determined by the buyer and the seller.