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Special Event for the New Version

Wed Jul 27 2022

The new version has been online for some time, the “Rally” gameplay allows players with higher-level horses to get better revenue, and at the same time, in the “duel week league” ranking battle, high-level horses can also have a certain advantage, horse upgrade has become a very important need for every player. In order to help players upgrade their horses at a lower cost, we have prepared this event, and the “free upgrade coupons” from the event roulette will greatly reduce the HOS consumption required for users to upgrade their horses.

In addition, after the launch of the fusion function, 90% off discount sales is hot. After resetting everyday, the total number of fusions is consumed in an instant. In order to let more players have chances to use this function, the discount will be adjusted to 80% off after 0:00, July 28th(HKT).

Event & Update Highlights:

1. The roulette is reopened, players will definitely get “free upgrade coupons” every time they draw, the effect is to upgrade horses by one level without consuming HOS, and the guaranteed reward is the “free upgrade coupon Lv90”.

2. You can not only get “free upgrade coupons” from the roulette, but also get free horses when you consume the specified number of times, among which there are legendary horses such as Grace Kirin and Tron Star, in addition to Cosmic Star, for timed encore.

3. During the period of the event, eligible players can get “free upgrade coupon Lv30” for free by logging in daily.

4. Discount of fusion fee is adjusted from “90% off” to “80% off”, Fusion fee is adjusted from HOS*25 Million to HOS*50 Million.

Event 1: Roulette for Free Upgrade Coupon

Event Time: July 28th after maintenance — August 3rd 23:59 (HKT)

Event entrance: Players can enter the roulette from the bottom right corner of the main interface.

Event rules:

1. Lottery — players can participate in the roulette by consuming HOS*8 Million or NFT*8 Million during the event period, with the probability of obtaining free upgrade coupons to use at different levels.

2. Guaranteed rewards — players will definitely get free upgrade coupons (LV90) for every total of 50 draws during the event period.

3. Comparison — this event helps players to obtain “free upgrade coupons” through roulette,which upgrade efficiency is much higher than the normal horse upgrade by consuming HOS, which can significantly help players to reduce the cost to upgrade horses.

Description of output rewards:

Free upgrade discount coupon (lv.30), free upgrade discount coupon (lv.40), free upgrade discount coupon (lv.50)

Free upgrade discount coupon (lv.60), free upgrade discount coupon (lv.70), free upgrade discount coupon (lv.80)

Free upgrade discount coupon (lv.90)

There are 7 different types of free upgrade coupons from the roulette, and the difference is the maximum level of use.

For example: free upgrade coupon Lv30 — if the horse is below or equal to lv.30, it can upgrade by one level without HOS consumption.

Event 2: Play the roulette to get legendary horses

Event time: July 28th after maintenance — August 3rd 23:59 (HKT)

Event rules:

1. Participate in the roulette during the event period and consume a specified number of HOS or NFT in the lottery to get an additional horse.

2. The horses rewarded in this limited-time event include nearly all legendary horses, so if you didn’t get one before, don’t miss it this time.

3. The rewards for each class of the event are not cumulative, that is, when players reach more than one class after the event, rewards to the highest class will be issued.

4. The list of rewards will be announced within 2 days after the end of the event.

5. Event rewards will be issued within 5 days after the end of the event through the airdrop.

Event conditions & rewards:

Example: When the user consumes 8000 Million HOS or NFT through the roulette after the event, you can get “GraceKirin “*1

Event 3: Login to get free upgrade coupons

Event time: July 28th after maintenance — August 3rd 23:59 (HKT)

Event conditions:

1. Registrate earlier than July 26th (HKT) (accounts registered after 0:00 on July 26th are not eligible);

2. VIP level ≥ 15;

3. Logged in since July ( HKT );

Event rules:

From July 28th to August 3rd (HKT), login the game everyday, then you can get “free upgrade coupon Lv30”*1.

If you log in for 7 consecutive days during the event period, you can get “free upgrade coupon Lv30”*7.

For example, if a user registered in the market on July 25th, and logged in the game on July 29th and July 30th, the user will meet the conditions and get “free upgrade coupon Lv30”*2.

Reward distribution:

Event rewards will be issued to the in-game mailbox the next day after the login, please pay attention to check.

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