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Limited Legendary horse NFT list on the APENFT marketplace

Wed Jun 15 2022

Release date: June 15 from 15:00 (HKT)

Purchase entrance: APENFT Marketplace home page (

Quantity: first 50 legendary horses NFT

Type: Tronstar; PolarNeon; GraceKirin; JasperBreeze; Cosmic Star, 10 horses each.

Purchase link:

Purchase method (TRX): One price

Tronstar: 10,000

PolarNeon: 10,000

GraceKirin: 15,000

JasperBreeze: 15,000

Cosmic Star: 20,000

Purchase & Redemption Rules:

1.After purchasing horse NFT from the official account of WIN NFT HORSE on the (, the user can redeem the corresponding game NFT on the official WIN NFT HORSE marketplace with the proof of purchase, which can only be redeemed once and only one channel of game NFT can be obtained.

2. After the user has redeemed the horse NFT, the artwork NFT held will be punched into the black hole address, in other words, you can only hold one of the artwork attribute NFT and the game attribute NFT, for example, after the user has redeemed the legendary horse in WIN NFT HORSE game, the legendary horse NFT of ( will be retrieved, the user can only choose to hold the legendary horse NFT of ( or the legendary horse in WIN NFT HORSE game.

3.The transaction of artwork attribute NFT takes place on the APENFT platform, the game attribute NFT need to be carried out in WIN NFT HORSE marketplace (users need to bind the wallet on the official marketplace of WIN NFT HORSE).

4.Users need to redeem their own legendary horses in WIN NFT HORSE game channel ,each legendary horse NFT can only be redeemed once in the WIN NFT HORSE game.

5. Tron is currently the only redemption channel.

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